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Iran Democracy Council (IranDC) was born out of the grassroots Iranian Revolution, sparked by the September 16, 2022 death in custody of Zhina Mahsa Amini. IranDC is centered on the core conviction that equity for women, prosperity of life, and fundamental freedoms in Iran will only flourish with a secular, democratic, and representative government that is accountable to its people. Our work spans across two key central pillars: to create the broadest possible coalition of Iranians and non-Iranians, and to draft, inform, educate, and advocate for public policy and legislation that materially support the Iranian people in their pursuit of a representative, secular government.
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Media and advertising entrepreneur and founder, with extensive experience in international markets including UAE, Iran, Malaysia, Turkey, and the US.
Her “baraye:” To seek justice for former mentor Saeed Karimian who was assassinated in 2017 by the Islamic Regime.

Azadeh G

Over 17 years of experience in Public Policy and nonprofit sector, with focus on immigrant and refugee organizations.
Two decades of experience supporting various human interest organizations. Holds degrees from UCLA and USC, with fellowships from Harvard and NYU.
Her “baraye:” For her ancestors, for collective liberation, for a
free Iran, and for a culture that has given so much to her.

Elika E

International trade, sanctions compliance, and due diligence attorney with over 12 years of legal experience in the private sector, in the U.S. Department of Commerce, and direct experience with the failings of the JCPOA and the geopolitical aspects of international trade. Born in Iran, raised in the US. Holds dual degrees from Georgetown University.
Her “baraye:” For her daughter to grow up to see a free Iran
that celebrates diversity, champions women, and embraces

Sara S

Human Rights attorney with previous work at the United Nations and Amnesty International. Holds a law degree from UCL, the top multidisciplinary university in London, as well as an MFA, from Harvard University.

Sanna S

Social media activist and content creator who uses her large digital following to educate international audiences on both the
motives and the brutalities of the Islamic Regime. Current marketer at a publicly traded company.
Her “baraye:” For an Iranian government that is at peace with the world and its own citizens. For a regime that is void of despotism, and misogyny.


Marketing and crisis executive, with over 20 years of experience working with global brands and notable names. Holds an
MBA from UNC Kenan Flagler.
Her “baraye:” To see a day, very soon, when Iranian men and
women have the choice to live their lives and to pursue career
and education opportunities as they wish, how they wish, and
where they wish.

Azadeh M

Brings 15 years-experience supporting nonprofits, NGOs, global organization and U.S. federal agencies in conducting high-value
socioeconomic and policy research, data analysis and program assessments. Current work involves strategic and reputational risk management with a focus on crisis and integrity of federal grant programs. Holds a Master of Public Policy and Certificate in Refugees and Humanitarian Crises from Georgetown University.
Her “baraye:” Her birthplace, the US, offers her opportunities and her Iranian heritage a deep connection to a country that she has witnessed only through the stories of her elders, books, and photographs. As the current revolution unfolds, led by the strength of  inter generational feminine energy, she cannot help
but feel the collective grief and fear that this will be another movement quashed by oppression, and also the hope that change is near. Hers is an inter generational motivation to help
this change come to fruition.

Shiva A

Long term champion of the elimination of the Islamic Regime. Leverages her vast network in media and entertainment to elevate conversations about Iran in American culture. Holds degrees in communications and International Security and Conflict Resolutions.