our mission

    To empower the Iranian people and weaken the regime

    Our Primary Pillars

    1. Policy, Statutes, and Law

    To develop, advocate for, and help implement, through a coordinated grassroots effort, all policy and legislation that materially support the Iranian people in their pursuit of a representative secular government.
    a. Blocking JCPOA re-entry & access to IMF funds
    b. A multi-part comprehensive bill called the woman life freedom act
    c. Countering the Islamic regime oil CIRBO act

    2. The Coalition

    Our objective is to bring together like-minded groups, activists and experts to coordinate around policies and actions that strategically pave the way for a transition of power and a democratic referendum.
    We believe that while the transition of power must be owned by people in Iran, a global coalition is the cornerstone for ensuring a legitimate alternative to the current regime.
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